Bathe In Beauty With Victoria + Albert Baths At Domayne

Bathe In Beauty With Victoria + Albert Baths At Domayne


Create a spa feel in your ensuite with the Pescadero. Featuring a wave-shaped rim, it’s a deep bath tub that can fit two people. With a compact length of 1695mm, it is ideal for large and small bathrooms alike.

Discover the delights of having a beautiful Victoria + Albert bath grace your bathroom. Not only do their freestanding baths offer a serene sense of style and luxury, they also provide an everyday indulgence you don’t have to feel guilty about. At Domayne Alexandria, we have a dedicated Victoria + Albert gallery brimming with breathtaking bathroom ideas and design concepts to inspire and excite.


Designed by Menghello Paolelli Associati, the inviting Amiata features a gently curved design that exudes understated elegance. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work.

If you are thinking of bathroom renovations, Victoria + Albert are the brand to keep at the top of your shopping list. Established in the UK in 1996, they have been outfitting bathrooms with freestanding bath tubs for the past 20 years and are renowned globally for their inspirational designs, innovative production practices and use of quality materials. Expert craftsmen hand-finish the interior of your bath and will custom paint or personalise the exterior to create a bespoke piece at your request.


Breakfast in bath? The bath above features an Audrey Hepburn custom artwork with an iconic Tiffany blue polka dot background. Choose from matte, gloss, pearl or metallic paints, glitter fleck and foiling details, mosaic tile patterns or stencilled patterns.

Victoria + Albert bath tubs are made from Quarrycast® – a blend of Volcanic Limestone™ and high resins – which is a strong and sturdy material, ensuring no flexing or creaking of your bath occurs. Naturally white with a high-gloss finish, it offers terrific stain resistance and is easy to clean. Quarrycast® also features high insulation properties, making it warm to the touch. Quarrycast™ is 100% UV rated and the baths can be used outdoors on a deck, as long as there is a roof over it.


Contoured to complement and accommodate your body shape, the Cabrits offers enhanced support. Expertly crafted from Quarrycast®, this stunning bath features a naturally white, smooth and glossy surface, which can be custom painted to suit your décor.

Have we piqued your interest? Before setting your heart on any one design, here are a few crucial things to consider when choosing a bath tub.


Before making any purchases or even beginning to browse, measure your bathroom and the space you can dedicate to a bath tub. Having the measurements handy will help you make a realistic decision and not get carried away by eye-catching designs. Having a smaller bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean you have to settle for a built-in bath or a bath and shower combo. Many Victoria + Albert freestanding baths measure between 1500mm to 1900mm. Every bath undergoes testing to ensure it can bear up to 550kgs prior to production – which is astonishing considering each bath itself weighs under 100kgs!


The Mozzano measures at 1644mm in length, making it an ideal choice for compact bathrooms. Featuring a rimless design and softly curving aesthetics, it is perfect for both classic and contemporary decors.


Don’t be swayed by trendy designs that may date quickly. Your bath tub is a significant purchase that’s going to be a constant in your bathroom for years to come. Choose a timeless style that you won’t get bored with easily. Smooth surfaces, gentle curves, a clean profile and the use of stone and ceramic with a matte or gloss white finish is always a popular choice. But if you have your heart set on a bold colour or a pearl or metallic finish, then options are available to help you get as creative as you like.


The Ravello features a tapered design that’s perfect for modern homes. Choose from Quarrycast® white, matte white, matte or gloss black, anthracite, stone grey or light grey finishes. You can also have it custom painted in any colour of your choice.


Think of how often you’ll be using your bath tub. Will it be more convenient in your main bathroom, where the entire family can share it or will it be more suitable for your ensuite that’s your very own private retreat? Also, think of user comfort. Before committing, be sure to climb into the bath tub and test it out for leg room. Lean your head back to try out the comfort of the head rest. Unless you’re planning on sharing the bath tub with another person, don’t be tempted by an overly long design, as once the water is added, it may feel more like a slippery swimming pool than a soothing spa-like sanctuary.


An artwork in its own right, the Napoli is a single piece shell with a low profile. Comfort-oriented with a low step-in height, it’s the ultimate choice for those seeking an oasis to relax and rejuvenate.

Now that you have all the details needed to make an informed decision when it comes to selecting a bath, get your measurements ready and visit the Domayne Alexandria showroom. Discover more exciting bathroom design ideas and view our extensive collection of Victoria + Albert baths today. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will help you find the right freestanding bath to fit your bathroom.

If you purchase and install a Victoria + Albert bath before 30th November and send in a photo of your installation to, you could win* your purchase price back (up to the value of $5000). *Terms and conditions apply, click here for more details.


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