Highlights of the Victoria + Albert Gallery at Domayne Event

Highlights of the Victoria + Albert Gallery at Domayne Event


A selection of the breathtaking baths in the Victoria + Albert collection available at Domayne Alexandria.

It was with a sense of immense excitement that I accepted an invitation to the Victoria + Albert bath gallery event at Domayne Alexandria, hosted by Luxe by Design – a family-owned Australian business that distributes Victoria + Albert baths.

As I walked through the Domayne Alexandria entrance, I was greeted by the sight of a gorgeous bath tub adorned with the iconic image of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It was clear that the tone of the day was all about luxury bathed in beauty.


This iconic image of Audrey Hepburn transforms this Victoria + Albert bath into a work of art that will bring colour and character to the bathroom.

Upon making my way to the Victoria + Albert gallery – a one-of-a-kind, designed and executed by Elie Habib (Architect and Head of Domayne Bathrooms) and Michael Swyny (Sales Manager of Luxe By Design) – I was mesmerised by the exquisite elegance of the Victoria + Albert baths. My attention was captured by the sensuous shapes, enticing curves, smooth surfaces and impeccable designs on display.


A right royal red carpet event. The grand Victoria + Albert showroom at Domayne houses over 20 different freestanding bath tubs and basins.

We mingled with industry pundits passionate about bathroom design and renovation who believe that even though the kitchen may be the heart of the home, the bathroom is definitely the soul. It’s a private place where you can recharge your batteries and refresh your mind as you wash away the sleep from your eyes in the morning before tackling the day. It’s also a sanctuary to cleanse your being every night in peace as you unwind and relax.

We were also treated to a traditional English High Tea and deliciously spoilt for choice with classic scones, melt-in-your-mouth pastries and fabulous French macaroons. Sipping perfectly brewed tea from a fine china teacup, I couldn’t help but wonder: why limit yourself to breakfast in bed when you could have breakfast in your bubble bath?

Below are some candid snaps capturing the excitement of the day.


The fabulous Andrew Baker from Krunch Café delights guests with his winsome smile and scrumptious table of treats that taste every bit as good as they look.


Elie Habib, Head of Domayne Bathrooms, with Anita Swyny from Luxe by Design, Okke Roosje from Victoria & Albert, David Lewis from Domayne Furniture and Bedding, and Michael Swyny smile for the cameras.


Elie Habib proudly shares a toast with Michael Swyny.


Elie Habib and Anita Swyny with Alexandra Hackett from Darren Palmer discuss the latest designs and products from Victoria + Albert.


Michael Swyny from Luxe by Design discusses the custom finishes that can be achieved with a Victoria + Albert bath.


Lucy McGabe and Tanya Buchanan from Belle magazine with Michael Swyny and Gavin Kirk from Better Homes & Gardens discuss the latest trends in bathroom designs.


Okke Roosjen with Virginia Kerridge of V. K. Architecture share a toast.


Champagne and sushi anyone? Roger Ibrahim, head designer at Domayne Renovations with Michael Swyny and Sam Habib, the showroom manager at Domayne Bathrooms.


Rick Jones, Domayne’s Bathroom Renovation Builder, and Okke Roosjen discuss the most popular bathroom trends with Greg Hetherington, Domayne’s Bathroom Renovation Co-ordinator, and Anita Swyny.


Eira and Maddie from Domayne Head Office test out the Pescadero bath tub and give it their nod of approval. Warm to the touch with great back support and double-ended bathing wells, it’s perfect for two people to share.


Michael Swyny and Elie Habib take a moment to relax after the hard work they poured into creating the impressive event

Here’s what impressed guest had to say about the gallery:

“It’s wonderful to be able to see and feel the Victoria + Albert collection in the one space. I’ve always been a huge fan of their baths and I think the latest offerings are wonderful. I am particularly drawn to the Cabrits bath. I think its design and ergonomics are so clever. I also found myself drawn to the new colour finishes. The pale blue is my pick.” – Sarah Pickette, Features Editor for House & Garden.

“I personally was most impressed with Luxe by Design’s effort to inform their clients on the day of their products’ capabilities. Freestanding bath tubs are a luxury today, and now regularly take centre stage in a home. In this busy day and age, we can forget that we need a space to unwind and relax as I was reminded by Anita at Luxe by design. The Victoria + Albert gallery in the Domayne showroom showcases a wide variety of paint finishes, hyrdrographic printing, stencils and patterns, foiling detail, etching and custom artwork capabilities, so you can see the prestige and uniqueness you can achieve and create in your own home. Why wouldn’t you want to be brave with your freestanding bath and create a bathroom with edge and sophistication?!” – Alexandra Hackett from Darren Palmer

Upon viewing the lovely Victoria + Albert bath gallery, I couldn’t help but feel that the camera lens alone doesn’t quite capture the perfection of these bathroom beauties – you really do have to view them in person to believe it. So get down to Domayne Alexandria today and see the Victoria + Albert gallery for yourself.

Snap to win! If you purchase and install a Victoria + Albert bath before 30th November 2016 and send in a photo of your installation here, you could win* your purchase price back (up to the value of $5000). *Terms and conditions apply. Find more details, here.

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